The Zepler Institute's unique multidisciplinary environment enables over 300 researchers to focus on developing the cutting-edge technologies required for the 21st century. We believe that our coordinated approach across multiple research activities and disciplines will unlock new research domains and provide solutions for key societal challenges.

Major research themes, such as our work in metamaterials, nanomaterials and photonic devices are supported by EPSRC Programme Grants, providing significant long-term funding. We collaborate with a range of partners to carry out more applied research and receive support from the Technology Strategy Board, European Union and direct industrial funding.

Follow the links to read more about our research: Fibres and Lasers, Nanophotonics and Metamaterials, Photonics Systems, Circuits and Sensors.

We are always keen to establish new collaborations and to help organisations commercialise our research. To discuss opportunities to work with the Zepler Institute, please contact us.

Fibres and Laders
Electronics and electrical engineering
Quantum light and matter