Our Nanofabrication facility offers industry-compatible processing with a range of standard options, including 150mm and up to 200mm wafer processing. Our lithography capability combines photo- and electron beam lithography down to 20nm with nano-imprint and Hot Embossing as well as direct patterning using the Focused Ion Beam (FIB).

Self-assembly fabrication of nanostructures is used to grow carbon nanotubes, semiconductor nanowires and quantum dots. Ultra-thin film deposition can be performed by atomic layer deposition or by PECVD for example to fabricate a range of IV/IV materials (Si, Ge, SiGe) and novel metal oxides. Deposition of high quality low loss optical layers are possible using Plasma Assisted Reactive Magnetron Sputtering and multi-stack devices can be constructed using wafer-to-wafer aligning and bonding using anodic, thermal compression and polymer methods.

We offer device fabrication using a wide range of materials and processes for silicon electronics, photonics, MEMs, Lab-on-a-Chip, and spintronics. One-off device/circuit fabrication or small volume production runs can be catered for. Our combined fabrication and characterisation capability includes dual Focussed Ion Beam with integrated SEM and SIMS. The many other measurement tools available include ellipsometry, XPS, Raman spectroscopy, cryogenic prober, RF measurements up to 60GHz,Field-Emission Scanning Electron Microscopy (FESEM), a range of AFMs and a Helium Ion microscope, the capabilities of which are being developed in collaboration with Zeiss.

Services and solutions

Our expert technical and academic staff closely work with a range of partners to meet their specific device and materials fabrication requirements.

We provide a Multi-Project Wafer (MPW) service to industry and free to UK academia (until end 2019), offering industry compatible fabrication capability, and a unique level of design flexibility essential for research and prototyping purposes - for current design calls, visit the CORNERSTONE website.

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